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INTERPRETING RESULTS: Normal 0.3 log or less log difference between Right and Left eyes.

An automated program is available to summate the child's test result


Normal. (Two 0.0 log or 0.0 and 0.3 log)

  • 0.3 OD and 0.0 OS (opposite sides)

  • 0.0 OD and 0.3 OS (opposite sides)

  • 0.3 OD and 0.3 OS (opposite sides)

  • 0.0 OD and 0.0 OS

TWO endpoints of 0.3 log unit or greater in the same eye suggests a defect (Always perform two or more tests to verify endpoint)
Defects (greater 0.3 and within 0.3)

  • 0.3 OD and 0.3 OD = Defect OD, repeat to confirm

  • 0.3 OS and 0.3 OS = Defect OS, repeat to confirm

  • 0.9 OS and 1.2 OS = Defect OS, repeat to confirm

Error (opposite eyes or 0.6 or greater same eye): Repeat tests.

  • 0.6 OD and 0.9 OS

  • 0.6 OS and 0.0 OS, etc.​

Parity Challenge confirms and amplifies the defect.  Useful in confirming a small defect.  The Parity Challenge endpoints are automatically displayed on the Results page as spectacles with the appropriate right or left lens darker, indicating the side of the parity filter.