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MEASURE Visual Acuity

iPad self-testing of Visual Acuity and Amblyopia.  DiagnosticGame app from Apple Store provides child friendly testing of visual acuity that requires no language, the endpoint is simply: “Same E?”, Yes or No


Detect Amblyopia Directly

Patented technology using relative brightness diagnoses and quantifies the amblyopic defect using iPad or iPhone DiagnosticGame app.

DiagnosticGame downloading and testing is very easy, accurate, fast and fun.   Contact us at for obtaining free accessories needed for testing.  We have technicians available to instruct testing staff on methods and interpreting results.  ..more info

Set-up is simple: (1) iPad or iPhone, (2) DiagnosticGame Apple app (free), and (3) Screen Filters and Polarizing glasses are free upon request for USA addresses: email

Technical support available: 305-389-0928

Automated: "Choose the Brighter Spaceship", IT'S THAT SIMPLE, 4 year old children find it fun & easy.