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From:  Albert Hofeldt, MD President, AMA Optics, Inc.

     Our DiagnosticGame app is now available at the Apple Store which allows automated vision testing at home for visual acuity, color vision, stereopsis, and for the first time, the brightness-sense.  The brightness-sense (Amblyometry) has been studied by scholars for over 40 years and their publications have validated the sensitivity of brightness-sense for detecting amblyopia and glaucoma.  The DiagnosticGame advanced patented technology of Binary Choice and Rivalrous Amblyometry has brought brightness-sense testing of age and for the first-time testing is available in an automated self-test that a 4 year-old child enjoys playing on the iPad or iPhone.  

     During the pandemic, I have made downloading the app free and have reduced the in-app purchase price to Apple's lowest possible value, 99 Cents for each set of 10 tests.  Patients with glaucoma confined to home have the option of self-testing using this app and transmitting their optic nerve function results to their doctor.  For this purpose, S.A Kane, MD PhD is investigating the DiagnosticGame app at Columbia University.  This modern telemedicine app is now available for patients confined to their homes.  Visual acuity and optic nerve tests for glaucoma can be self-tested on an iPad or iPhone by the patient and sent to their doctor by email.   

Color Vision

Homebound ?, use Telemedicine.  Testing for Amblyopia at home with the DiagnosticGame app is like playing a game on the iPad, children love it!  There is nothing to lose, AMA Optics will ship free paper testing glasses to the patient's home.  Patient emails the result to the doctor.  Read more...

MEASURE Visual Acuity

iPad self-testing of Visual Acglaucomauity, Color Vision, Stereopsis and Brightness-Sense (Glaucoma, other optic nerve diseases, and amblyopia).  DiagnosticGame app from Apple Store provides adult and child friendly testing of visual acuity that requires no language, the endpoint is simply: “Same E?”, Yes or No, a Binary Choice.

MEASURING Brightness-Sense:  Patented technology that quantified the relative brightness between the eye in the DiagnosticGame mobile app playable on iPad, iPhone and iPod.  

a.  Amblyometer Program: Automated self-test with complex algorithms following and adjusting to the patient's. responses and terminated at the endpoint of relative right-Left eye brightness balance.  Brightness imbalance occurs in glaucoma, optic nerve diseases, and amblyopia.  Brightness disparities are quantified in neutral density log units, ranging from 0 to 1.8 log units.

b. Equalizer Program:  Automated self-test where the patient makes brightness choices in a continuous series of stimuli of graded brightness disparities until the brightness of the paired stimuli appear equal, the endpoint.

NeuroColor Vision

Measures each eye separately to search for acquired color defects. Identified type of color vision deficiency.  Free test.


Stereopsis:  Graded stereo acuity, Red/Cyan glasses required, adjustable starting acuity by dialing-in the value in seconds or arc.  Program allows 3 repeat testing as 1 game.  Automatic archiving of results.