Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), a silent disease that has forever eluded detection, remains the primary cause of permanent vision loss for children and yet is preventable when discovered and treated early. Far-reaching home tele-medicine could be the long-awaited solution to identify children needing treatment to reduce permanent vision loss. The DiagnosticGame® app, for children 4 years of age and older, tests their vision while playing an easy and fun game. Albert Hofeldt, MD, President of AMA Optics fears that Amblyopia may reach a new high during this pandemic due to school closures and the absence of vision screening unlessfamily members test their children at home with the DiagnosticGame® app on their Apple mobile devices. The child simply plays the fun E Acuity Game on the iPad or iPhone. The results are automatically compiled for emailing to the child's doctor for review. Should the doctor wish additional testing, other vision tests are available in the app. AMA Optics staff is also available for technical assistance for patients and doctors.


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