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  • Acquired color vision loss 

Color Vision loss due to a deficiency, toxicity or disease. Each eye is tested separately because with acquired color vision problem, one eye will have more vision loss than the other eye.

  • Hereditary Color Vision Defect
    The vision loss in both eye is the same.

  • NeuroColor results are found in Results/PDF/bottom margin.

Codes: 1. All seen correctly; 2-4. Red-Green missed; 5.9.13. Blue-Yellow missed; 

6, 7, 8, 10-12, 14-16. Blue-Yellow and Red-Green missed.

SlideShow: NeuroColor


Find Neurocolor result:

Results>Name>PDF>View Bottom:




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DiagnosticGame: NeuroColor®

"Touch the Color figures or the NO color Circle"

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