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Parity Challenge: Amplifies brightness sense imbalance, designed to small defects 0.3 to 0.9 log units  Can be used with any size defect.

For Ambyometer and Equalizer Games.  Two tests are required: (1) First test the denser filter is over the right eye and (2) Second the denser filter is over the LEFT eye.  During the testing dial-in RIGHT or LEFT when  prompted, depending upon the side of the denser filter.  The results of the two tests are compared, Normal is when the challenge Right eye produces a Left Eye defect and the Left eye challenge produces a Right eye defect within of equal or within 0.3 log units. See SlideShow below.

Compares the endpoints after adding a given neutral density filter first to one eye and then to the other eye, The Parity filter density adds to the defective side and subtracts from the unaffected side; doubling the size of the defect is the net effect.  Parity Challenge filter required (sold separately).

Tap SlideShow to Play: Parity Challenge