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DiagnosticGame: Visual Acuity Testing

"Are the Shapes the Same?", Yes or No?

Visual Acuity

Visual Acuity

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  • Vision Test Formats

  1. E- GAME

  2. Landolt C Game

  • Binary Choice Self-Testing

     For the first time this patented method allows 1 or 2 choice to signal a response, which removes calling out letters or numbers for an examiner to record, which allows complete automation and independence of language obstacles.​​​

  • Testing: Corrective lenses?​
    Only if the patient wears glasses. 

  • Test each eye at the same distance from the screen (16 inches).  When visual acuity is different in the right and left eyes or if acuity is less than 20/30, refer to a vision care specialist.   

SlideShow for Visual acuity testing


iPad  Testing
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