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Determines if subject understands BRIGHTNESS! Repeat if needed. Dont't play Game unless subject knows which image is BRIGHTER!
Qualifying Screen
No GLASSES! The subject must choose the brighter image to avoid an ERROR message.
Success Brightness Appreciation
Do not PLAY unless subject knows which image is BRIGHTER!
Time to PLAY Game #1
Choose NO Parity.
Touch PLAY.
Polarizing Glasses Required
Put on glasses, insure the test images are on the side of the Partner Screen Filters. Set rotation on LOCK (red) in iPad settings.
Test Screen Series
Choose the BRIGHTER image, TOP or BOTTOM. Watch for bobbing, the rhythmic aimless bottom-top-bottom-top clicking of young children. This will lead to errors.
Result #1
In the right lower corner is a "0.0", indicating to imbalance of brightness. 0.3 log units is within normal range. Repeat the test at least once or until consistent scores.
Time to PLAY Game #1 (repeat)
Prompt for Glasses
Put on the Polarizing Glasses.
Brightness Image Sets
Choose the BRIGHTER spaceship.
Result of Repeat
Notice "0.0" in right lower corner, same as test #1. Can do Parity to verify a balance system.
Automated Calculator
Simply enter 4 endpoints and results are calculated:
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Time to PLAY Game #1 (repeat)